Before you order your next bunker supply, just stop and ponder:
Do you trust the bunker supplier you are dealing with?
In the event things do not go according to plan, is your bunker supplier a reliable business partner and will he continue to support you or try to mitigate his losses? If you're not sure 100%, then its time to look around.
Our strengths are unmatched by any international bunker player:
Specialist Bunkering Knowledge in the Indian Subcontinent
We are one of the few bunker traders worldwide with specialist knowledge of the Indian Subcontinental ports, primarily because we are based there and all our traders have a sound appreciation of the actual ground situation. We constantly monitor keep our clients updated in order for them to make informed decisions.
Low Cost = Low Pricing = Low Cost Per Nautical Mile
Our main advantage is our pricing. Due to the fact that we operate from Colombo, Sri Lanka, we incur significantly lower overhead costs (human capital, rent, financing, etc.) than our competitors who operate either from Singapore, the Gulf or Europe - and this is reflected in all our bunker pricing.
Products and Supplier Vetting
Beta Marine delivers marine fuel products in accordance with ISO 8217:2005 and ISO 8217:2010, depending on their availability in specific ports. The company has a policy of using the best product sources considering price, quality, the environment and general performance.
Beta Marine offers you one contact person and one set of terms in any port we supply. We always do business in our own name. This helps to eliminate your risks no matter where your vessel takes bunkers. We guarantee you the right bunker quality at the right price at the agreed place and time.

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